Sector Fares


The railways system in Japan has a high reputation for punctuality and safety.

Train fares vary depending on the distance you travel as well as type of train you wish to catch and the class of service. While this is not a problem for seasoned travellers or people familiar in Japan, for visitors, it can be a daunting process.

Experience Japan can assist you in purchase of tickets with a service fee. Let us know where you would like to know and we will send you a quote and a suggested timetable. Tickets will be delivered to your hotel in Japan and will be available to you upon check in.

Please note, local train tickets and subway tickets cannot be purchased in advance. This service applies only to pre-purchasable tickets. If you are not sure, please ask our friendly staff.

To plan your train trip, please click the following link for English timetable:


Service Fee

  • From $55 per booking including postage to a hotel in Japan
  • Additional charge will apply if you would like tickets to be sent to multiple locations
  • Tickets can only be sent to an address in Japan