Our Clients’ Experiences


We at Experience Japan are fortunate enough to work with many clients who have returned from Japan with their kind words. Here are some of the comments we have received.


“Thank you so much for taking extra special care of our lovely clients. Everyone appreciated your thoughtfulness and thorough guidance.” Anne from Fraser Coast Travel Centre

“Just a short note to let you know about our trip. It was fantastic and Japan is a most interesting place, we really enjoyed every minute especially the difference in culture. Your contact for Japan was magnificent and our trip was organised so well. Every part was just as per the itinerary and went according to plan. The tours were all interesting and informative, although once you have seen three temples and shrines, they all seem to be the same, I suppose it’s the same as castles in England. The accommodation which was organised was really good, the only one we felt could have been better would be the one in Takayama which was a bit far from the main part of town and was a little “run down”. We had the most marvelous time and would like to thank you so much for your wonderful organisation. We are already thinking of our next trip and will certainly be calling on your expertise again. Once again thank you for being the best travel agent in the business.” Merilyn’s (Spencer Travel Southside) client

“”I just wanted to let you know that I had a lovely email from my client to say he had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for all your work. You make me look good Here is a copy of what he said. “Yes, we have safely arrived home, and had a fantastic time in Japan. Barely a raised voice amongst us! It all went quite effortlessly, due to your expert advice, recommendations and directions. The hotels were great, particularly the traditional one in Kyoto.”" Stewart, Spencer Travel

“Just wanted to touch base with you and provide some feedback from above clients who just returned from Japan as a family of 4. They enjoyed all hotels that you recommended, in particular the Hotel Morshein in Matsomoto. They had a great experience there as it was in full festival swing. They were particularly complimentary of the order in which they travelled and felt this recommendation from you was invaluable. The only property they would have changed was Miyajima, they would have like to be a little more central. All in all a very positive experience thanks to you. They will definitely go back and when they are ready we will be in touch. Thanks again for your excellent services.” Marsha, Helloworld Travel Glenbrook


“The wrote to me yesterday and are so happy, the tour they did yesterday with the guide was amazing and they wanted me to let you know how good the guide was.  As always thank you for your great work, and I can see that you take a lot of care in who you use over there.  Hopefully I can send you some more clients soon.” Carla, Travel Managers Australia


“Thank you Mihoko for all your help with my clients recent trip to Japan. They had a “trip of a lifetime” and I couldn’t have done it without you! Your knowledge was invaluable in helping in the planning stages, and you took care of everything down to the finest details. My clients really appreciated the directions you put on their itineraries, making it much easier for them to navigate once they got there. Japan is such a wonderfully unique destination and to have a specialist supplier like yourself on hand makes our job as a travel agent so much easier. Thanks again Mihoko!.” Claire, Travel Managers Australia


‘”Thank you for your wonderful assistance arranging this trip –thought you would like to see this email from happy clients! – ‘Thank you for organising our trip to Japan! Everything worked out perfectly. Our flights were on time and we made it to every tour. I particularly liked that you included maps and directions to get to our tour starting locations. We particularly enjoyed our stay in Takayama. The ryokan was peaceful and the morning food tour was the best tour of our trip! Our timing for the cherry blossoms was also perfect. We managed to see the full blossom in Tokyo & Kyoto, and participate in the hanami viewing. I have attached a few photos of our time in Japan with this email! Thank you again for everything you did to make our trip so amazing.’ ” Shelly from Trans World Travel


“Thank you very much for planning our wonderful holiday. Everything was perfect. Please thank your Japanese connection as all hotels and tours were exceptional. All instructions were perfect. Thank you one again for your help. Beautiful country, lovely people, very clean and great transport. Thank you once again.” Email from Sue’s (Mobile Travel Agent Australia) client


“My clients are LOVING their Japan adventure. They are currently at Gora Hanaougi and said it is amazing. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions and making this trip so special for them.” Anna from Travel By Anna


“Feedback – a great trip.Your itinerary was presented beautifully with every detail that made travelling in Japan quite easy. The maps really helped and the directions (as language can be an issue there – but people are sooo friendly and helpful) The hotels -All three hotels were good,however the Kyoto hotel was really good and so was the Hakone one. Unfortunately, due to the weather, it was bit difficult to see Mt Fuji from near the hotel; but we got a view from the train.  The Tokyo hotel was very centrally located and more 2.5 -3 star.  Overall an amazing trip – thank you for organising it for us.” Mamita from Travel Managers


“Our holiday was fabulous !    We loved the country, the people, food, pretty much everything about it ! Our highlight was staying in the Ryokan with  Onsen in Takayama.   My husband said he could have stayed there for a week !  Our guide for the private tour was Hisa and he was so good. We stayed at the Sheraton in Horishima and found that to be a great hotel and location near the train station.The ANA Crowne Plaza in Kanazawa was in a great location but looking a little tired.  The rooms are looking really tired and the room we had was just too small for 3 people.The Ryokan in Kyoto (Kinoe) again, super location in the Gion area.  The hotel had a smoking area in the lobby and as soon as you walked in it hit you in the face.    The Japanese breakfast was fantastic and staff super friendly. Our tour guides in Kyoto, for the tea ceremony and full day tour were great.I think I should have organised a sushi making course for our daughter , I think she would have enjoyed it….next time… The Shinkansens were outstanding and highly recommend the Green Car.One thing I would suggest to my clients is to book their seat reservations for all forward journeys at their first point of arrival in Japan.  We found weekends were really busy and we got a public holiday while we were away and couldn’t get the times we wanted.” Cathy from Mobile Travel Agents Australia


“Thought I would give you some feedback on my client’s recent trip to Japan. Clients had an awesome time and loved the hotels you booked for them, they said all their travels went like clockwork and had an amazing time at Mt Koyasan. All the cities they visited provided them with a unique experience including their day at Disneysea and they cannot wait to return to Japan and see even more. They asked if I am familiar with the Dormy Inn chain as they said they looked like an interesting mid range hotel option for the future, not sure if you have heard of them? Once again thank you for the time and effort you put into this booking and I look forward to using your services in the future for any of my clients that wish to go to Japan. Hopefully we can organise their next trip to Japan. Many thanks, talk soon.” Wolfgang from Travel Managers


“Just had a long conversation with my clients …. They LOVED their trip… so thank you for your help in organising it for me.” Karin from Travel Managers


“My clients had a great time and have raved on FB about their Kyoto acomm and the whole trip SO thank you! Job well done” Kim from Travel Managers


“Just wanted to let you know I have just rung my clients, who has just completed 3 weeks in Japan… They had a wonderful time…… and they would go back tomorrow… They did say the maiko dinner was overrated, but Lisa wanted to do this, so that’s OK, but Marty wasn’t too impressed, for the price of the dinner…Mount Fuji was covered in fog and rained, but that’s normal, as I understand it… The hotels, trains and tours all ran like clockwork So Thankyou for everything you organised for my clients, they had a ball, and can not wait to go back…” Kristie from Travel Partners Padstow


”I have finally received feedback from my clients, following their most recent trip to Japan.  Overall they had a fantastic time and were very happy with everything that they had included!! Have a wonderful day and I hope to be working with you again soon!!!” Marta from Travel Managers


“My clients are back and had a wonderful time.  Here is their feedback:”The holiday was brilliant! The itinerary was perfect and we loved Japan and the diversity of our experiences from the small towns to the cities, and various culture and sporting activities, as well as the combination and variety of accommodation.  Fabulous job!!!!”Thank you so much for all your help.” Lindy from Travel Managers


“Client just returned from his trip and couldn’t rave about it enough.Said everything was perfect, loved all the accommodation and was very happy. Overall a fantastic experience and wanted to pass on their thanks to you” Sandy from Mobile Travel Agent Australia


“Maree and I had such a wonderful day at the cooking course we were keen to pass on our feedback . Our host Naoko and her friends Chisa and Kaka  were so welcoming and seemed so pleased to have a us in her home . They involved us in the different cooking tasks with encouragement and humour . It felt like we were friends having  lunch together  and they were all interested in getting to know us and us them .  The food was delicious and so beautifully presented .We learnt a lot and loved the  chance to learn some tips and  get involved in the preparation and presentation of the food. Naoko showed us how to perform a tea ceremony and even shared the Sake from her Father’s brewery . The day spent with Naoko and her friends was a highlight of our Japanese trip and we  would recommend it highly to others wanting to experience the friendly and authentic home cooking experience that Naoko gave us. We look forward to returning one day ! ”  Moira (Melanie from Travel Managers Australia’s client)


“My clients had a wonderful  time and said that everything was so well organised.  I had a bit of a panic when I heard about the Philippine typhoon as they were travelling on Philippine Airlines, all was good.  Thank you so much for organising the trip at such short notice.” Annette from Travel Managers Australia


“Here is the email my clients sent me yesterday FYI

Hi Steph,back home…had the most fabulous time !!!!  everything went swimmingly…the palace hotel in Tokyo was incredible…refurb 2 years ago and right across the road from the imperial gardens and 5 min walk to Tokyo station…..[ a subway down below too]the ryokan we had booked in Kyoto was fabulous…..gion hatanaka….can highly recommend it also hotel mume…the boutique hotel there was wonderful…have some brochures for you…will post this weekand hoshinoya on the river was marvellous….overpriced but the view of the river and all the autumn trees was great.just now doing all the washing and trying to get used to the heat !!!!!thanks again Says it all.” Stephanie from Impulse Travel



“Just letting you know, these pax are back and they had a ball! They loved all the Hotels and also loved your guides!” Jo from Mobile Travel Agent Australia


“Hi again, I’m catching up with them mid November as they are busy with work but this is some of her reply: Japan was fantastic. Love to talk to you about it. Topped off by an upgrade to Business (at the gate) on the HK to Adelaide leg. T was beside himself with delight. Thanks for all the arrangements. The “hotel” highlight was Miyajima near Hiroshima. No major complaints. The country and the people….wow!” Corinne from Travel Managers Australia



“I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that my clients that you booked are now back from Japan. They flew in this morning and came straight in to tell me how much of a wonderful time they had. The loved everything and said everything you booked and did for them was perfection! They loved all the hotels and couldn’t fault anything. The only negative thing they had to say was that they didn’t enjoy Universal Studios. They said there was 3 trillion people and it was just too busy to even see anything or get into any of the exhibitions. They wanted me to pass on a special thank you from them to you. So, once again, thank you for all your help and wonderful work, you always do such a great job!! ” Kristy from Helloworld Camden Argyle Street


“Thought I would send through the email I got from my clients re their recent trip. Sounds like they had a great time especially for their first trip overseas.” Michelle from Mobile Travel Managers Australia


Experienced: Tokyo Stopover

“She had a great time and loved the Courtyard by Marriott – its perfect for older people as everyone is so friendly and helpful.  Transfers and taxi worked perfectly.Another happy camper!!  Phew.” Sally from Impulse Travel


“I quickly spoke to my client about his trip to Japan this morning and he said he loved it! They loved the ryokan that you organised so much so that they are sending them a gift. Thank you again for all your hard work over the last year I really appreciate it!” Rebecca from Helloworld Katoomba


Experienced: Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima (Miyajima), Osaka

“My clients wanted me to tell you what a wonderful time they  had in Japan.  They loved all the accommodation you booked them and all your notes you had on their itinerary were very useful.  They also loved meeting the apprentice Geisha and found this a highlight of their tour.  Thank you so much.” Tania from Travel Counsellor


Experienced: Tokyo, Hakone/Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Hiroshima

“They were ecstatic they were so pleased and happy. Their highlight was the tea ceremony. Only negative they said they did not have enough cash with them for the markets. They totally loved it! Thank you so much for all your help and Japanese writing on the voucher was really helpful to them. Thanks so much again Mihoko.” Leena from Harvey World Travel Erina Group


Experienced: Sumo Tournament, transfers

“THEY LOVED THEIR TIME THERE Loved it and they loved the Sumo wrestling! They loved every property that they stayed in and yes thank you thank you thank you” Alysha from Mobile Travel Agent Australia


Experienced: Okinawa

“Penny had a wonderful time. Everything went smoothly and she loved her time in Okinawa. Thank you as always for your expertise.” John from Helloworld Glenbrook


Experienced: Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Kamakura, Yokohama, Kyoto, Nara and Okinawa

“Krishna and them had the best time in Japan. Very well organised trip. Thanks a lot. They have passed their experiences to their friends and hopefully we might get more enquiries.” Menon from Travelworld Epping


Experienced: Tokyo and Mt Fuji

“I just spoke to my clients who arrived home yesterday and they had a “fabulous time” (their words)!!! They loved the hotel they stayed at and easily got around Tokyo with the station being right there. So, thank you for all your help in organising this trip for me and my clients.” Teresa from Travel Managers Australia


Experienced: Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Kyoto and skiing at Hakuba

“I spoke to my clients the day they returned on 5 February. They were very happy with the trip and had a great time.” Teresa from Travel Managers Australia


Experienced: Tokyo and skiing at Hakuba

“I caught up with my clients on the weekend, and they had such a wonderful holiday!  They were so appreciative of your help with their booking, and that you have such amazing local knowledge – they said that made a big difference to their trip.  Everything went very smoothly, the accommodation was great – and the bonus ski-passes were brilliant.  They loved Hakuba and where they were situated and had some fantastic days skiing, and thought they would have unwound a bit in Tokyo – but loved the city so much that they spent hours out and about exploring as much as they could over their 3 days there.  So a very successful holiday! Thanks again so much for your wonderful help with this.” Lesley from Travel Managers Australia


Experienced: Ryokan in Kyoto

“They had a fantastic time and loved the trip … the Ryokan was fabulous and the train pass went well too.”  Michelle from Travel Managers Australia


Experienced: Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kanazawa, Takayama, Mt Fuji and Tokyo

“My clients came in today to chat to me about their trip. They had a lovely time and were especially impressed with the arrangements in Japan including the hotel choices.  The detail, first hand experience and advice you provide to your customers is first class. You make our job so much easier.. thankyou!!!”  Lisa from Jetset Travel Blue Mountains

Experienced: Kyoto Cycling Tour and Private Afternoon Tea with Apprentice Geisha

“Hi Mihoko, like to share this one with you. Always lovely to hear from our clients.  Thanks Yvette ‘Hello Yvette and the team – I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you as we all enjoyed our Japanese tour immensely and we got home last weekend. Our Kyoto cycle tour and Geisha event worked very well for us, and you did a good job syncing Chris and Deb into our tour arrangements.We would be happy to recommend the cycle tour to anyone and our guides were excellent through the whole day.’ ”  Yvette from Outdoor Travel


Experienced: Kyoto, Koya san and Hiroshima

“Susie has just returned and she had THE MOST AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL TIME… thank you so much and you did a truly wonderful job. I have just gotten off the phone from her and two things she said stick in my mind – visiting the monks was “life-changing” and her private geisha tea ceremony was “an incredible honour”… she loved everything, but these two things were the absolute highlights.” Josie from Bayview Travel


Experienced: Tokyo, Mt Fuji, skiing at Hakuba, Sapporo

“I spoke with Wendy at lunchtime and they had a FABULOUS time. They were very impressed with all your instructions and how accurate they were.  They loved the efficiency of Japan, the tours were great, loved the Snow Festival, the transfer of bags were very smooth and absolutely loved the skiing.  Never seen such powdery snow. Thank you again for all your efforts and making their trip so memorable. Will definitely spread the word about you and I look forward to doing business again soon.” Karen from Travel Managers Australia


Experienced: Kyoto

“I spoke to Alan yesterday and he said everything went perfectly and to pass on his appreciation for the maps and information you provided.” Sarah from Travelscene Camden


Booked: Domestic airline ticket in Japan that cannot be booked in Australia

“Everything went well with the flight thanks. It was wonderful of you to do that for me. I don’t get a lot of Japan enquiries but if I do get any, I will definitely contact you.” Gayle from Travel Managers Australia


Experienced: Tokyo, Shibu Onsen, Kanazawa, and Kyoto

“Thanks for your help in organising this trip, they really loved it & my client was very hesitant about going so you can see how much she enjoyed it which is just great. Thanks again!” Kim from Fairfield Travel


Experienced: Kyoto, Tokyo and Mount Fuji

“I am now back at work after a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much for your hard work – our itinerary was very good. 

One of the best tools you provided was the little Japanese phrase booklet.  It was so useful and Anneliese quickly started trying using it to have conversations with everyone. Within 2 days she wanted a bigger one with more words! She wants to go back and live in Japan to extend her karate training, so will start learning Japanese now. We are very grateful for you good organisation of our itinerary and you helpful and entertaining suggestions. I will certainly be recommending Experience Japan to our clients.

Thank you so much.” Sue from Outdoor Travel


Experienced: Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Shibu Onsen, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima

“We have returned from Japan and had a wonderful holiday. No problems to report, only fog at Fuji and rain at Hiroshima. Can’t control the weather. Thank you for your input. We are hoping to return in the future.” Karen and Susan’s clients (Shirlee) from Northline Travel


Experienced: Takayama, Ise, Hiroshima and Kyoto

“I have spoken to Mr/Mrs Black now and they had a wonderful trip. They praised how respectful everyone was and very helpful as well. Really liked the Kyoto Tower Hotel.”Roz from Harvey World Travel Mackay


Experienced: Miura Kaigan and Tokyo

“Carolyn had a fabulous time and it all worked out really well. Thanks for the follow up, and I will keep in touch.” Serrin from National Warrnambool Travel


“To dear Jan. Thank you for going beyond the call of duty making this a wonderful tour. You have made Japan come “alive” for us. We will go home with many special and different memories. Thank you so so much. You are a star.” Marg & Bob

“Dear Jan…. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience of Japan. A view of the country and culture many tourists will never see.” Carol & Ken

“Dearest Jan. Thank you for another great trip, which would not have happened without your wealth of hard won knowledge and experience. Domo arigato gozaimasu and see you next year in Shikoku.” Irene

“Dear Jan. The “Experience Japan” Tour would not have been the success it is without your experience. Thank you for looking after us and giving us a tour to remember.” Peter

“Dear Jan. My very special friend has exceeded every expectation I ever had. You have shown us the heart, not just the face of Japan and it will be with me forever.” Judy

“To darling Jan. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip. I have absolutely had a ball….” Marg

“Dear Jan. You are now my favourite Tour Guide in the whole world! This trip will always evoke thousands of treasured memoires.” Dianne

“Dear Jan. Thank you for another wonderful trip. So different from the last and even more special if that is possible !! I will take home many special memories due to you. Thank you so much and I will be back !!” Sal

“Just a short email to let you know how much I enjoyed my tour of Japan and how very much I appreciated all your efforts. You are an amazing tour guide, so giving and with tireless energy. I especially appreciate all the extras you provided and how you were available 24/7! Japan was more than I ever expected and I know the gods were kind with the weather. Thank you once again and all the very very wishes.” Jen

“Thanks Jan for the special touches that make travelling with you so enjoyable. Just love my personalised seal and handmade card.” Jan

“I want to thank Experience Japan for the wonderful tour we had with Jan Hutton in April of this year. Jan was a wonderful guide, the food, transport and accommodation was excellent and we were lucky to see magnificent cherry blossoms right through the tour. Our local guides were also first class. Jan’s knowledge of Japan, its culture and geography is amazing. Thank you once again for a tour that went so smoothly and was so amazing.” Barbara

“We had such a wonderful trip with you. Lots of information, beautiful scenery and many laughs and fun times.”Di

“We really enjoyed our holiday and felt that we experienced Japan, so much so that we want to return. We attach two photos of our cycling trip on our last day which was most enjoyable. Warmest Regards, thanks again for the wonderfrul introduction to Japan and all the special consideration you gave to our individual needs. It was very much appreciated.” Irene and John

“Hi, I returned a week ago from the Cherry Blossom Tour, led by Jan Hutton from Aus with Yoko from Japan (sorry I have her card at home with her full name). The tour exceeded my expectations in every way. Every day was extremely well thought out with a remarkable number of beautiful and/or unexpected things to do. For example, beforehand I would not have sought out doll painting, or listening to 3 string guitar recitals in Hirosaki, but these turned out to be inspirational and showed a real piece of Japan. We really did manage to get a feel for how life was, outside Tokyo, and the information given by Jan and Yoko made it even more interesting. They were both charming, and very solicitous of our welfare. The buses were very clean and comfortable, with excellent drivers, and we were able to see so many things it would have been extremely difficult or impossible to do any other way. Each day was well paced, so that we did plenty, but not too much/to the point of exhaustion. Every hotel, with one minor exception, was very good indeed, with lovely rooms and a very high standard of food. The banquets we had were outstanding, and will live in my culinary memory as a high point. The one minor exception was an emergency hotel, because the other hotel had no hot water. Even this hotel was acceptable, just not as nice as the others, The restaurants we visited outside the hotels were terrific fun, with amazingly good food too! I was highly satisfied with every day, and I really look forward to trip with you in the future, if I can arrange it. I have also told a number of people already what a great experience this tour was. I apologise in advance for not being more helpful in identifying ways you could improve, because other than hotels never breaking hot water systems, there really is nothing I can point to. with my very best wishes. ” Bronwyn

“I recently had the pleasure of joining your excellent “Sacred Mountain Cherry Blossom” March/April tour and had the most memorable 2 weeks discovering Japan under the expert care of our guide and your colleague, Jan.

Our small group of complete strangers quickly became a happy cohesive band of friends as we were immersed in Japanese life, customs and history thanks to Jan’s enormous knowledge of all things Japanese, her professionalism, patience and humour. As the tour progressed, the Japanese guides who joined us greatly added to our appreciation of the areas we were visiting and a special mention must go to Shu whose enthusiasm for the pilgrim walk in particular was inspiring. We were all sorry to farewell him in Tanabe – a most charming and gentle man.

The cherry blossoms were spectacular and the temples, shrines and scenery stunning but it was our interaction with the local people who welcomed us with utmost courtesy and kindness that will linger in my memory.

New experiences were had every day, new foods tasted – some with trepidation but generally oh so delicious and the onsen experience for us very modest Aussies – well the old adage of “grin and bear it” comes to mind but in this case became “grin and bare it”!!

My only gripes concern the extra tours we took independently from our group on a couple of free days. After experiencing the comfort of travelling in our small group, suddenly being herded around with 40 plus people on a day tour bus and finding there are 10 other such loaded buses on the same route for the day is quite unpleasant and very tiring. Just goes to show how spoilt we were on your tour!

It was such tremendous fun and again kudos to Jan for keeping the show on the road and on schedule and ensuring we were all safe and happy – not a small feat but she’s a gem!

Wishing you continued success with your tours to Japan.” Robyn

“Hello – I just would like to say thank you for an absolutely as politely amazing and well organized trip. It was a beautiful experience and absolutely perfect timing with the Cherry Blossom at all selected places. Jan Hutton our “leader” and all other participating guides and bus driver – it was a pleasure. I definitely recommend this tour to people who want to experience the real Japan. Autumn must be beautiful as well. Jan went out of her way, all the time – making sure everybody stayed safe and accounted for! Thanking you again – I happened to snap 6680 images – (photography is my hobby and interest) so this trip will be posted and advertised also on TripAdvisor. A most memorable outing was the Tea Ceremony.” Best regards Linda Hansbauer


“We have had an amazing time here! Zen has really looked after us and everyone has been so helpful. The snow has been perfect and It’s been a very authentic Japanese experience. Thank you so much!!” Emma

“Dear Jan, Merilyn and I have had some great trips over the years, but none better than the time we spent under your guidance on this tour. The attention to detail, selection of activities and use of your local contacts have made this an unforgettable experience. Many thanks and kind regards from Ian & Merilyn

“Jan, all of the above and thank you for being  “you”.  Kind, generous and giving me the best experience.Love Kaye

“Dear Jan, Thank you for a great and interesting tour. We really enjoyed your insight into Japan’s culture and history and appreciated all the help you gave us.Hope we can catch up with you in Hervey Bay one day.Love Bev & Jeff

“Jan, Thank you for a wonderful trip. Your knowledge of Japan is amazing. Also thanks for your medicine kit !!! We will remember our trip to Japan for a long time.Thanks again. Valda & Glenys

“We have just completed this tour with Jan Hutton as our Tour Leader and we’d like to give you some feedback on our experience.

Overall the tour was wonderful.  We shared some fantastic experiences, saw some beautiful scenery and most importantly, saw some great displays of Cherry Blossoms.

Even though we were initially apprehensive at the thought of some of the aspects of the cultural part of the tour (backpacks, futons and communal bathing), our fears were unfounded and we found the experience exciting, amusing and thoroughly enjoyable.

The places we visited were unique and the access we were able to gain to the cultural sites gave us an appreciation of their history and cultural significance.  This was no doubt due to the excellent local guides you use.  Their insights into local legends, traditions, behaviours and events were invaluable.

The accommodation was all completely satisfactory and conveniently located.  The operators were all friendly, understanding and helpful.

Our drivers were all excellent and again, helpful and friendly.

Our primary purpose in undertaking the tour was to see the Cherry Blossoms and the timing was impeccable, particularly given the unpredictability of their appearance and the shortness of the season.

We can’t compliment the skills and experience of Jan enough.  She had a major influence on our level of enjoyment.   Jan’s was the perfect link between the local culture and traditions and our Western expectations and habits.  She managed these differences calmly and this link ensured we were able to enjoy the experiences without causing any international incidents. She was able to take us to places we would never have found on our own.

Apart from being a thoroughly lovely person, she was helpful, well organised and friendly, and encouraged us to try new things confidently.

To sum up we would definitely recommend this tour to anyone wanting to experience Japan a little more deeply than just the standard tourist route.” Bev and Jeff

“Thank you for planning such an incredible trip – our second time in Japan and already can’t wait to go back a third! All the travel went very smoothly and transfers all worked out really well without a hitch.

We really loved the parts of Japan that we visited, we felt like we got the true Japan experience without too many tourists and lots of friendly Japanese, which was really lovely. Appi was a fantastic place to ski – no lines, the hotel and their staff were great and had excellent conditions (snowy some days and sunny on others). Our room had an incredible view of the slopes and was huge!! Couldn’t believe how long some of the runs were! Really loved it and the mountain guide was great on our first morning.

Hakkoda was incredible! Have never seen so much snow in our lives, and it just didn’t stop! We skied for two days at Hakkoda and the scenery was stunning. We had to pinch ourselves when we stopped to rest in the forest ski trails – no people around us and so pretty with all the trees. Unfortunately we didn’t have any clear days to see the mountain but we will just have to go back. I think next time we will try to book an English speaking guide and try some of the back country to explore further. The hotel at Hakkoda was excellent – the staff were really lovely and the food each night was delicious, and appreciated after a big day out. It was great to stay somewhere with a more traditional Japanese feel with the tatami mats and onsen which was excellent with our sore skiing legs!

The rest of our trip was also lots of fun – Like Hiroshima a lot, we had amazing sunny weather for our kayak to Miyajima albeit very cold first thing in the morning. The owner of the Paddle Park Masashi was excellent and took photos for us the whole time. We were the only two people on the tour so very lucky! We went back on the ferry after our kayaking to explore Miyajima more and such a lovely place with great coffee!!  Shibu Onsen was also worth travelling to from Tokyo to see the snow monkeys. Would like to go back to the Nagano area again I think – very pretty and good skiing I hear too. Thank you once again – kind of sad to be back home again!” Sophie


“This was a wonderful tour, offering such a rich variety of experiences, from the exhilaration of taiko drumming to being served sake by a maiko , from  great shopping in busy markets to the serenity of walking sacred pilgrim trails. The incredible food was another highlight, as were the  relaxing onsen which were often in magical settings.Jan is an outstanding tour guide, relaxed and fun to travel with yet totally professional at the same time. Her wealth of knowledge about Japan and her personal ties with many people in the places we stayed enriched our travel experience.All the transport and accommodation were really well organised. We loved staying in traditional ryokan, the overnight stay at Kamigoten being especially memorable.The autumn leaves at Koyasan were beautiful and also the many temples shrines and gardens. “ Louise and Keith


“We went on the Sacred Mountains and Beyond Autumn Leaves Tour in Oct/Nov 2016 with Jan Hutton as our guide.  We cannot speak more highly of the fantastic time we had from start to finish and we know this was largely because of the excellent organization by experiencejapan.com.au and the care and concern shown by Jan throughout.  We loved the buzz of Tokyo as well as seeing the Meiji shrine and the vast cedar forest it lies within.  The Izakaya pub meals were great.  The Todaiji temple enclosing the Great Buddha in Nara was immense and then to be made very comfortable at Matsumae ryokan and entertained by a delightful musician.  At Koyasan in the mountains of the Kii peninsula, we visited temples and gardens all made more stunning by the intense autumn colours.  Staying in a buddhist temple and attending the lengthy chanting of the sutras and a fire ceremony was a powerful experience even for a non-Buddhist.  Walking the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail with our learned guide Shu was particularly wonderful as we saw small  subsistence farms where rice, fruit trees and numerous vegetables grew as well as being in giant cedar forests and visiting temples and shrines.  Relaxing in the hot springs onsens at various ryokans and hotels was very pleasant as well as the delicious multi-faceted Japanese cuisine.  Being entertained by the Taiko drummers was a special treat and we were so glad we recorded it.  Kyoto is an exquisite city with so many interesting areas to draw you in and the hotel being positioned for us to easily access the trains; although it is a walker’s city and we did a lot of that as we stayed on for a few days after the end of tour.  Having a conversation and drinking sake with a interesting young woman, a Geiko after a wonderful music and dance performance at Gion Kaikan was memorable.  We never tired of the temples, shrines and gardens really because they are embedded in Kyoto itself so one is buying from stalls or eating street food right alongside these sacred structures!  Fortunately we were part of a friendly, easy going group of Australians and with Jan’s limitless knowledge and great sense of humour we remain very grateful to have struck upon experiencejapan.com in our search for an organized tour of Japan.” Kathy and Barry


“Jan, thank you so much for this most wonderful introduction to Japan. The name of the company, ‘Experience Japan’ is a true reflection of our responses and impressions during our travels with you. The itinerary and organisation of our trip gave us an insight into the culture and people in a way that I doubt most other tour operators could provide. Small numbers, an intimate understanding of culture and inclusion of sites and cities off the (tourist) beaten track, opportunity to explore with free time built in, have made a lasting and profound impression. And beyond the excellent set itinerary you were unfailingly responsive to our interests and requests – which added a very personal element to the tour. Thank you too for all your assistance with travel bookings and information – and of course for your fabulous company. We really had a ball – our experience exceeding all expectations. So much so that we are keen to return and EXPERIENCE JAPAN MORE!” Halina


“Hi Jan, Just arrived home after a brilliant time in Japan. Many highlights including:• Koyasan. Your directions were excellent. We bought the discount bundle at Osaka which covered the local train, cable car and bus and this made it really easy. I especially loved the cemetery. Such a beautiful atmosphere (helped by the fact that we were pretty much the only people there. • We also spent a day with a school family staying with their in-laws at Gifu. They took us to Tanigumi Temple which was also a seriously beautiful place.

• Kanizawa was a real surprise. The garden, castle park area was beautiful but the old part of town was amazing. We twice stumbled upon geishas serenely waiting for their evening cars and the Ninja part of town around the canals was also really beautiful. We went to Yuwaku hot springs and spent a peaceful hour soaking our feet and watching the world go by. • Out of Nagano we went to Matsumoto castle and also to the snow monkeys. A day pass which covered train, bus and entry also made this easy travelling. The monkeys were gorgeous but it would also have been worth it just for the walk through the forest. • Back in Tokyo we got tickets to the baseball at Tokyo Dome which was an experience in itself.

Thanks again for your organisation.  All the hotels were excellent and everything went very smoothly.”  Margaret and Russell


“I went on this wonderful trip in March/April and enjoyed it immensely.  This was my first trip to Japan and the itinerary was an excellent introduction to this fascinating and beautiful country.  It met, and often exceeded, all my expectations in terms of places visited, options, accommodation.    I will definitely visit again. Jan’s tour was strongly recommended to me by friends who had travelled with her previously, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.   Her love for Japan and knowledge added significantly to the experience.  I liked the flexibility and the free time was just right as one’s confidence with this new environment grew. On this trip there were some attendees who could be described as “challenges” and I did wonder why they chose such a tour.  In spite of these disparate couples and coming down with a virus, Jan soldiered on admirably to give us a first rate trip.” Janet


“Good Afternoon Mihoko, I must compliment you and your team on the superb handling of our tour, especially Jan who when we had the odd problem responded immediately and came up with alternate solutions, it made the tour memorable. We have already recommended you to a number of friends. best wishes”  John & Monica


“I just wanted to give some feedback for the Ancient Roads tours in Japan I just completed. It was a wonderful leisurely tour through a country with bustling  cities and beautiful countryside.   I didn’t realise how easy we had it on tour until I talked to some over visitors on other tours.  They seemed to be constantly on the go with little free time.  I enjoyed the guided tours with Jan, Haru and Sacha (?).  Very passionate, informative and always thinking of the people on the tour with options and alternatives.This was my first visit to Japan but certainly won’t be my last.  A very good introduction to a wonderful country  - the people and the culture. Jan was an excellent hostess – always considering the passengers and she had us well organised! My only criticism was for the optional day tour I took to Hiroshima.  I found it quite expensive and on the day it was much too long yet, not enough time to explore the things I was interested in.  The guide was again very passionate about your job – could not fault her at all.  The personal choice was mine to do this tour but think it should be an optional overnight for the tourist to spend some more free time.” Linda



“Dear Jan san, my bestie. Thank you for making this holiday a dream come true. Without you and your hard work, organisation and laughter the tour would not have been as much fun. I have had fun. Love and best wishes.” Kathy

“Dear Jan, I hope to get time to load my photos onto computer this week and look at them more thoroughly.  Certainly enjoyed a wonderful experience and thank you so much for ensuring that this happened.  Your organisation was superb, especially when things don’t quite go to plan.  I really appreciated all the effort that you made and also appreciated your company throughout the trip.” Margaret

“Hi Jan, Thank you very much for all the preparation you gave us prior to our Japan experience. We did appreciate the work that went into our holiday. Lots of fond memories and photos to relate to family and friends are now waiting to be shared.” Alan and Lesley


“We want to offer some very positive feedback on the “Ancient Roads and Beyond – Autumn Leaves” tour with Jan Hutton we have just completed.

We enjoyed the whole experience immensely. The tour provided an excellent blend of large cities and small towns, beautiful scenery, amazing temples, shrines, gardens and other cultural sites – the stunning autumn leaves were the icing on the cake.  The varied accommodation was very comfortable and the pace of activities manageable. The tour gave us a great insight into Japanese cult ure, old and new.

Jan Hutton did an outstanding job as our tour leader.  She is superbly organised and a great communicator. She kept us well informed on every aspect of what to expect well before we left Australia and throughout the tour.

We appreciated the flexible nature of arrangements, which allowed us to opt into, and out of, activities depending on our mood at the time.  Jan’s knowledge of unique an d interesting restaurants in many locations was an added bonus, as were her tips for efficient travel in Japan after we finished the tour.

We highly recommend this tour.” Peter and Carolyn


“Dear Jan,

We have been to many countries but thanks to you this is one of the best adventures that we have experienced. Thank you in particular for the help in allowing Jan to negotiate her way around Japan and for the generous way that you have shared your time with Linda. Our impressions are that Japan is a wonderful country and its citizens are the nicest, most pleasant and helpful people that we have encountered. Your organisation and leadership are first class. You are a wonderful ambassador for Experience Japan.

Kind regards….David & Jan


“Dear Jan,

WOW what a ride! This has been an eye opening adventure to such a beautiful country. Thank you so much for including a wide range of things to see and do.I really appreciate the extra time you spent with me. There will never be a big enough way to thank you for all that you did to help Dad and Jan have the best possible trip. Your extra effort made an incredible difference to all of us. You have a wonderful, caring and very patient nature. I am very lucky to have shared this time with you.

Thank you and lots of love…..Linda


“Hi Jan,

Received your Email last Wed. Lovely to hear from you. Having trouble getting out of holiday mode. We had a wonderful time in Japan, thanks to our wonderful hostesse. I am talking about my next trip to Japan.[Autumn Leaves Tour].

Ron and Kay


“Hi Jan,

It was a pleasure to travel with you. Your knowledge of Japan was very informative and your organisation was great. Our lasting feeling from the tripwas how polite, accommodating and pleasant are the Japanese people and how clean everything is and what Australia could learn from them.The scenery and historic villages were wonderful and we were greatly helped by the pleasant weather. Jan and I have travelled a lot but this was the best trip of all our adventures thanks to you and Hitomi.

Cheers from Adelaide David and Jan



Thank you for your “welcome home”, and thank you very much for a wonderful holiday experiencing Japan. We both enjoyed it immensely, both your input and company and the camaraderie of the group.

Anyway, must go and cook if I remember how. Thanks again,



“Hi Jan

We were at a family 60th Wedding Anniversary party yesterday and everyone was asking about our trip to Japan. We were happy to tell them all about the wonderful time we had! I was trying to think of highlights but there were so many it is impossible to narrow it down to a couple. If pressed I would have to say the cherry blossoms (of course), the maiko/geiko experiences and the Japanese drumming but many of the other experiences were very memorable too. Thanks for the translation of the newspaper article.

I hope you have a few weeks rest before your next trip but knowing you I expect you will not slow down much!

We also had a smooth trip home with no delays. The trip was wonderful and very enjoyable. The variety of activities and accommodations made for an interesting two weeks and I am waxing lyrical to friends and family about it. Thanks so much for a great holiday experience that will stay with us forever.” Lindsey and Graham

“Hi Jan

Thank you for the welcome home email and for all your expert help during the trip. We had such a wonderful time and appreciated the way the Japanese way of life worked so well. We Australians could learn a thing or two from them regarding their good cheer,absolute politeness and efficient running of everything from trains to hotels. It all seemed a bit chaotic when we got off the plane but guess we will soon get used to the Aussie laidback approach again. We could not have had more fun. Thanks again,best regards Bruce and Lynne


“Hi Jan – thank you for a wonderful trip to Japan. The whole tour was made even more special due to your personal involvement taking us personally around the local areas of Tokyo and Kyoto.

I have just received the translated newspaper article on the bamboo speakers and of course had a little laugh of the comments made by the different foreign guests!!

Take care and I hope in the near future I can get time to do another of your interesting trips.” Denise

“Hi Jan.

Once again sitting at airport, must say looking forward to getting back to normal.

Thank you for the great trip and introducing Japan to me. I have come away with not one bad impression of the country and it peoples.

You are one fabulous tour guide. Missing the onsans and my onsan partners.

Take care.

Your onsan partner.Karen xxxx”


“Hi Jan

Well I must say I am still shell shocked at being back home. I had an absolutely fabulous time as did Karen. Karen even made it to a Sushi train on Thursday night with her family at the Sunshine Plaza.

Thank you so much for a wonderful tour and providing us with so many wonderful experiences. Yes those Onsen’s are very addictive. Now I need to save up for the next trip.

Cheers Deryn


Experienced: Private afternoon tea ceremony with apprentice Geisha

“Thank-you very much for asking. Yes we ended up finding the tea house and when we got there it was closed. Luckily some people in the street managed to tell us the owner was in a hall around the corner because of the Maiko performances and they went to find her. She came out and asked us to wait. Then we were escorted into the tea house and met the Maiko. She was so beautiful and we really enjoyed the tea ceremony and learning all about the Maiko and her life. We have often said that this tea ceremony and meeting the Maiko was the highlight of our trip. Thank you so much for your help and arranging this for us. We loved Japan so much we are going back in April. ” Barbara


Experienced: Tokyo, Kyoto

“Hope you are well too. My trip to Japan was wonderful, but it was not long  enough.  I guess I’ll just have to go back at some time.  Thanks to your excellent directions everything went very smoothly – the only disappointment was the day I went to Hakone.  I particularly wanted to see Mt Fuji but this day was the only day it rained and so I could see nothing.  Nevermind - I saw a lot of other things, missed a lot  too so as I said, I will just have to go back and you are the person I will contact when that  time comes.  Once again, I thank you so much for all your patience and assistance.” Barbara


Experienced: Tokyo, Kyoto

“I would like to thank you once again for all your help and patience, you have been brilliant.  I would also like to thank you especially for all the extra information (maps, guides, details on trains and stations and fares) you included, it will make things so much easier for me.  The origami crane was a very cute touch too. Please accept my thanks again and let your supervisor know how very much I value all your time, patience and good humour throughout.  I will definitely consider using your services again and will recommend you to my friends.” Barbara


Experienced: Private tea ceremony with apprentice geisha

“It was absolutely perfect and I look forward to revisiting Tomitae as she continues her journey to becoming a Geisha! Thank you so much for a beautiful experience!” Chaz


Experienced: Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima

“Thank you so much Mihoko. It was really great pleasure to have everything organised properly. I had absolutely no issues with any thing. Sorry for the late reply. Had some issues. But thank you so much for making our trip so memorable. Best regards, Shubha


Experienced: Wedding dinner at Kyoto

“What a pleasure it was to work with Experience Japan!  They helped us organise a unique wedding dinner and Maiko performance which alone I would not have been able to offer my wedding guests.  I am so thrilled to have one aspect of our wedding organised and finalised so quickly and with such ease – my partner and I are looking forward to this event with every confidence. A particular mention must go to Mihoko for her kindness, professionalism and helpfulness through out the entire process.  She is a credit to the company and I would very happily refer anyone looking for a unique Japanese experience to work with her particularly. Warmest regards and thanks, Rhys and Amy (soon to be newly weds!)


Experienced: Tokyo and skiing at Myoko

“We returned from our trip last Friday.  I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your help in organising it.  Everything went very smoothly.  The snow was fabulous and we had a great time.   All three hotels were terrific – we especially loved the Akakura Kanko Hotel, but it was great that it was just the last two nights so we had time in the village beforehand.  The Park Hotel in Tokyo was terrific also. Thanks again, I will be sure to recommend you as you were extremely helpful.” Sue


Experienced: Private transfers

“I loved Japan and I definitely plan on coming back. The transfers were great as well. Thanks for all your help.” Jennifer


Experienced: Tokyo, skiing at Hakuba, Osaka, Kyoto

“Thank you for your email and all went really well with our trip – absolutely stunning snow in Hakuba and we were delighted with all of the arrangements that you made for us.  The only hiccup they had was with the blizzard in Tokyo as they were ready to leave – the shuttle bus could not run so they had to take a train to the airport.  Luckily their flight was still operating. All went very smoothly though, and we will be recommending your company in the future to others who wish to ski / experience Japan.” Kristell


Experienced: Tokyo, Tokyo Disneyland, Kyoto, Kyoto Cycling Tour, Yudanaka Onsen

“We have arrived home from Japan. We had such a wonderful trip! Thank you for organising such a fantastic itinerary for our honeymoon. We are so thankful that we chose Experience Japan and will be recommending both Japan and your company to all of our friends and family.You have been such a help every step of the way. 

It would not be possible to name one favourite location or activity as we enjoyed every moment of our trip – from the time we left to the time we returned. Although if we had to pick the highlights we would say the cycling tour in Kyoto and our time in Yudanaka. Our cycling tour guide Yoko was excellent. It was a big day, but it was such a unique experience to cycle through the streets of Kyoto and even through a paddy field!

In Yudanaka we could not fault our accommodation. The staff at the Ryokan were very hospitable and were even waiting at the train station for us when we arrived just on dark. Our attendant Setuko was incredibly sweet and kind. I think she enjoyed chatting with us and laughing with us as we tried all the different and amazing food they laid out for us morning and night! It was also very fun to see the snow monkeys!

We enjoyed a number of perks on the trip due to it being our honeymoon. The hotel in Tokyo gave us two bottles of champagne! Thank you for noting that to the hotels and airline. We will never forget our time in Japan and are looking forward to returning one day – hopefully very soon.” Ingrid and Craig (Ingrid is an author of many  great Australian children’s books. You can check her work here.)


Experienced: Kyoto Cycling and Cooking Tour

“I apologize so much for not emailing sooner. I have been super busy since I came back from vacation. We had just the BEST time in Japan, the cycling/cooking tour was the best part of the trip. Keiko (our tour guide) was the nicest and most fun! Thank you so much for putting this together, we had an amazing unforgettable time. Kyoto is beautiful and the food we made was delicious. We will never forget it. Thank so you much for everything!” Susy


Experienced: Tokyo, Kyukamura resort at Omihachiman, Kyoto

“We just got back yesterday Mihoko, we had a lovely time thanks to you. Everything went very smoothly. The Kyukamura resort was very interesting. Extremely Japanse, no foreigners and no English anywhere. It was a great suggestion and we enjoyed our time there. The food in particular was excellent, I’m not sure whether they are all like that, it seemed to be something that that particular resort was famed for, although I’m not sure about that! Thanks for giving us as stress free a holiday as possible. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.” Michael


Experienced: Private tea ceremony with apprentice geisha

“Loved japan and loved Geisha experience, they were very friendly, geisha played games with me which was very fun!” Nouf

Experienced: Tokyo, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Skiing at Appi, Flew with Japan Airlines Premium Economy Class

“First let me thank you again for your expertise in arranging the holiday and now for your courtesy in following us up. My summary of the holiday was that it was a wonderful experience for the following reasons (forgive me for telling you things you know from your profession and your life):

  • Every Japanese national that we met was polite and helpful notwithstanding our limited and bad language abilities.  They even had the good humour to chuckle politely when we used the wrong word or the right word with the wrong intonation.
  • What a fantastic, sophisticated, clean, ordered, vibrant, respectful and spectacular city Tokyo is.
  • The Park Hotel is an excellent hotel.
  • We had two delightful dinners in Shimbashi and one in Shinjuku, helped to order by other diners, the proprietors and Iphone translations.
  • Disneyland and Disney Sea were exactly as expected and Ellen and Charlie loved them both.
  • Travelling on the Shinkansen just makes an Australian ask why don’’t we have these trains.
  • Appi was fantastic.  The snow quality, runs and lifts were fantastic, the hotel has every facility that one could want (the pool, gym, therapy centre and restaurants/bars were brilliant) but most of all Mr Toshiba, Ms Ueno and everyone else at the resort went far beyond expectation to make the stay great.  Ms Ueno at one stage drove me some 25 minutes to a Japan Post office which had an international ATM just so I could use my travel card which I had forgotten to use before I left Tokyo.  We were also presented with gifts on arrival just for choosing to stay there after the March 2011 trauma.
  • Both JAL flights left spot on time, arrived early and were utterly trouble free.

Thanks again and I hope to be returning to holiday in Japan soon. I wouldn’t go to anyone else to assist with that.” Roland


Experienced: Tokyo (stayed at The B Akasaka)

“We had a fantastic trip! The accommodation in Akasaka that you organised was great – very central location and close to the subway and great restaurants and bars.

Tokyo was amazing! The subway made it so easy to get around and was surprisingly easy to navigate.

Thanks for the follow up.” Michaela


Experienced: Tokyo and skiing in Hakuba

“Everything was FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for everything! The Hakuba accommodation was amazing and we will definitely be staying there again at some point in the future. I don’t think there’s a single thing we would change about the trip except maybe just spend more time there and maybe spend a night at DisneySea. Thank you for everything you have done for us we really do appreciate it.” Courtney & Elissa


Experienced: Tokyo (stayed at The B Akasaka)

“I had a wonderful time in Tokyo!  Everything was more than satisfactory, I do recommend the hotel, the staff is friendly, the breakfast is good, the location is well positioned and central, the broadband access is free and fast. The overall experience was amazing. Thanks for your help! You and Experience Japan helped heaps.” Patricia


Booked: International flights to Japan

“THANK YOU so much for all your help! You are a great travel agent. I’m so impressed with your prompt responses and professional & friendly service. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks me for advice on travelling to Japan. I look forward to working with you again on my future trips. Thanks again for everything!” Koko


Experienced: Tokyo (stayed at The B Akasaka)

“Thanks for all your help, we really had a great time in japan. We did get to that resteraunt and it was sensational food, we couldn’t have done it without you!” Sally


Experienced: Tokyo Disney Resort, Universal Studios Japan, Hiroshima and Tokyo

“Had a wonderful time. Spoilt with Sheraton! Started off the trip really well. Thanks for the train details they helped lots. It made it all very fluent. All went well with the trains too.

Both of the kids knew a bit of Japanese which helped a lot as we weren’t always lucky with English speaking people.

Went to the zoo at Ueno too which was good but even better stumbled upon a mass of market type shops and stalls that were open well into the night so we got some shopping in.

First and last hotels the best. Universal one a bit cramped and we watched Jurassic Park for 3 days straight (the only English speaking movie) staff friendly. Very few spoke English. Great position though.

Great that Disney and Universal vouchers could be redeemed at hotels. Sheraton even redeemed both disneys at once. Didn’t have to wait for the correct day. Thanks again for all of your wonderful organising especially at short notice.” Kim