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Aerial view of Shibuya Crossing in Japan

Experience Japan is operated by Mihoko Hirashima .Mihoko has many years experience in the Travel Industry – Product Co-Ordinator and Product Executive at NRMA Tourism & Leisure Sydney, Business Development Manager at HIS Travel Sydney and she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies and Linguistics. She has run her own Company now for over 10 years and is held in very high esteem both in the Tourism Industry in Australia and also in Japan.


Japan is such a diverse destination mixed with old and modern, tranquil and adventurous, it caters for every taste. It is one of the places Australian tourists go as a once in a lifetime holiday but end up returning for a second or third visit. In fact, many of our clients have returned for this very reason.


No matter, if it is your first time or 10th time, we can always recommend something new and exciting. Japan is so much more than big city and temples. Let us share our passion for this great destination with you!

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Officially recognised by the Japan National Tourism Oganization as Japan Travel Specialist