Private luxury tour of Naoshima and Takamatsu 2 Nights


Private luxury tour of Art Island, Gardens and Temples

Filled with the beauties made up of a mixture of art and nature, Naoshima has its tradition, local culture, hospitality and care of people they offer through us. Travel through old town’s beautiful streets & explore modern art, this small island heals you relating to nature, love, care, tradition that has been continued for hundreds of years now. Takamatsu is a compact city with gardens, temples, old buildings, small yet old castles. The sky high Zentsuji temple has given birth to Kobo Daishi, who started Shingon Buddhism in Japan, Konpira shrine has been the center of people’s faith from centuries & Kotohira town brings an interaction with the locals through Udon making experience.


Day 01: Takamatsu – Zentsuji – Kotohira
Your tour starts at Takamatsu.

Upon arrival, you will be picked up by a local representative at Takamatsu Station who will take you to Ritsurin Garden to explore one of Japan’s most beautiful Gardens.
Then, take train to Zentsuji Temple, the birthplace of Kobo Daishi. Kobo Daishi is a towering figure in Japan’s history, and is said to be born at Zentsuji in the Heian period (8th century). He was a priest, writer, social worker, teacher with many abilities. He travelled through Shikoku, built or started many temples, some of which are known as Henro Temples today.

Continue to Kotohira, walk the old town exploring the houses, old styled shops, talk to the local people. Walking the old town of Kotohira is a wonderful experience with the 200+ years old architecture of the houses, shops and old streets.
The accommodation for today is a hot spring Ryokan (traditional accommodation) at Kotohira, enjoy natural hot spring baths at accommodation and Japanese style dinner.

Overnight at Kotohira.

Day 02: Takamatsu – Naoshima – Takamatsu
In the morning, take train from Kotohira to Takamatsu.

Upon arrival, walk to Takamatsu Castle before taking ferry to Naoshima.
Takamatsu Castle is also known as Tamamo Castle. Built in late 16th century, it is one of the few Japanese castles built along a waterfront. One can see saltwater moats that directly connects to the Seto Inland Sea.

Upon arrival at Naoshima, rent bicycle and start visiting places.
You will visit the following places in Naoshima:
– Chichu Art Museum (please note, may be closed on certain dates)
– Yellow Pumpkin and Red Pumpkin
– The Art House Projects
– Ando Museum
※ All the places on Naoshima are subject to availability and opening hours.
Take the ferry back to Takamatsu.

Upon arrival in Takamatsu, free time at Japan’s longest shopping street.

Overnight in Takamatsu.

Day 03: Takamatsu –Departure
Departure date. Please continue to your next destination.
Optionally, in the morning, you can join for a short 2-hour hiking near Takamatsu. This hiking connects two temples of Henro, Shiromine-ji temple and Negoro-ji Temple. Passing through beautiful forest, it can be a refreshing hike for someone interested in pilgrimage tours.
Denepding upon the bus / train time, transfer to Takamatsu Station. Trip ends.
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