Niigata Independent Holiday Package 2 Days


Day 1
Start the day with a visit to the Teradomari Fish Maket. Teradomari Fish Market is known to be the Ameyoko Markets of seafood. There are variety of grilled seafood skewers on offer.

Continue to Tsubame Sanjo that has been a thriving manuracturing area since the Edo Period renowned for manufacturing knives and cutlery. It is famous for cutlery used at the Nobel Prize Ceremony.

After lunch, Sanjo Kaji Dojo where you can appreciate all the knives on display. If you like, you can try making your very own knife here. (additional cost applies)

Continue to factory at Suwada Blacksmith Works.

Overnight at a local accommodation

Day 2

Local Sake Brewery at Hakkaisan.

If you go in season, you may be able to see the production of Sake. Enjoy sake tasting.

After lunch, participate in Zen experience at a local temple