Myoko Budget Ski Lover 7 Nights


Myoko is no big city. It’s a real mountain ski town, snuggled in at the base of one of Japan’s most beautiful mountains. Here you will find the profound silence that comes with the heavy snows. The billowing steam of onsen (hot springs), ready to warm you after a day in the snow. Delicious local soba noodles and sasazushi (a unique style of sushi using local bamboo leaves), as well as other Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine. Fine saké painstakingly made by local artisan brewers the old-fashioned way. The friendly faces of passers-by, greeting you with a hearty ohayo gozaimasu! Sublime sunrises illuminating Mt. Myoko; the beauty of Lake Nojiri, so close it seems that you could reach out and touch it when you’re on the ski slopes; even the Sea of Japan, seen off in the distance from the higher ski runs.

Hotel Moc is a great value property located right opposite the Akakura Kanko Ski Resort, allowing guests to return to their rooms at lunch time for a siesta before an afternoon ski session. It is equipped with restaurant, public bath (not hot spring), parking and ski rental store and has internet access. This is a great property for a budget conscious devoted skier.

6 day Jacket and Pants Rental: Please enquire
6 day Helmet Rental: Please enquire
Ski lesson: Please enquire
Private professional photography: Why not get a professional to take photos of your children yourself gliding down the slopes? For more information, please enquire with Experience Japan staff.