Hida Local Craftsman Tour


Hida Satoyama Cycling offers guided cycling tours in Hida, Gifu prefecture.

This tour provides travelers a rare opportunity to interact with the local culture and people living in the Japanese countryside. You will ride as a small group through the beautiful “Satoyama” landscape in the Japanese Alps,  providing travelers with up close views of the rice patties, farms, and the rivers which run through the Hida region.

In the backdrop, you will see the  majestic snowcapped peaks of the highest mountains of the Northern Japanese Alps.  The group will stop by areas such as the local farmer’s market and watersprings frequented by locals. These stop points are not on any guidebook and part of the local lifestyle.  Lucky travelers may be even welcomed into a local home, some which have been standing for hundreds of years.

Various tours are available to fit the needs of travelers based on age, and fitness levels. Families with small children are also provided with children’s bicycles and/or childseats.

This full‐day program (10am – 15pm) takes participants through town with a local master craftsman to see the historical buildings in Hida.  Many of the buildings showcase the ancient woodworking techniques passed down since the Nara era in the 8th century. The woodworkers and carpenters in Hida were sent to Kyoto and Nara to build many of the famous Buddhist temples that still remain standing today.  For anyone with an interest in woodworking, architecture and/or Japanese history, this is must-see program. Tour starts and finishes at Hida Satoyama Cycling Office. Directions will be provided to you with your final documents.

Join us and experience beyond the guidebooks!

Looking at doing other itineraries? We can do an order made cycling tour for you. Price will depend on the places visited but will not be too much different from the ready-made tours. 

For more information please enquire with Experience Japan team!