Private lunch with Apprentice Geisha


Maiko, or apprentice Geisha, are female entertainers and a splendid symbol of Kyoto who wear elegant and intricate traditional dress. They entertain at elite ocha-ya, or “teahouses”, where they sing, dance, and play traditional instruments to entertain their patrons.

Maiko entertain in five small districts in Kyoto called “Kagai,” which literally means “Flower Town.” The kagai areas of Kyoto are Kamishichiken, Pontocho, Miyagawacho, Gion-higashi and Gion-kobu. These areas are also where Maiko lead their daily lives and are among the most popular places in Kyoto for sightseeing in the evening.

Normally only the wealthy and influential repeaters are granted access to tea houses, with services for tourists experienced at selected ryokans (traditional inn) or hotels. However, Experience Japan has been given a rare opportunity to provide access to our clients. Unlike a tour situation, you will be able to see traditional house they live in, meet the “okasan” (proprietress) and have plenty of opportunity to take photos and interact with Maiko. (Please note: Booking now must be made in conjunction with accommodation booking with Experience Japan)