Kyukamura Nikko Yumoto


Kyukamura Resorts are all situated within National Parks representing Japanese natural scenery. Relax and immerse yourself in a place where there is only lakes, mountains or the ocean whilest enjoying the freshest local produce from local farmers and end the day with a soak in a natural hot spring bath.

Get away from the major tourist sights and unwind in a tranquility where Japanese locals have come to rejuvinate for the past 50 years.

About Nikko area
A city forms a part of the Nikko National Park and was developed as a temple town with three temples, Futarasan Jinja, Toshugu Shrine and Rinnoji.The area including the natural surroundings is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The architecture of the historical buildings in Nikko are reminicent of the Edo period with an emphasis on Shintoism where nature is regarded as sacred.

About the accommodation
Kyukamura Nikko Yumoto is located in the Nikko National Park, this resort prides itself in the quality natural hot spring that was found in the 7th century. It is set to have therapeutic properties to conditions such as high blood pressure, fatigue and and poor blood circulation. The resort also has many hiking tracks where you can find approximately 800 or so types of rare plants and is also situated next to a ski resort for winter times. For dinner, yuba (soybean sheets), a speciality to Nikko is served.

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Suitable for: families, nature lovers, for those wanting off the beaten track experience