Kyoto Afternoon Sightseeing Tour



  • Quick tour of Kyoto’s famous landmarks
  • Kiyomizu Temple
  • Gion District
  • Kodaiji Temple


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Arrive by public bus from Kyoto Station to Higashiyama area

Kiyomizu Temple
One of Kyoto’s most beloved temples. Temple’s terrace extends out of a mountain supported by 13 metre high wooden columns where you can appreciate the view of Kyoto.

Kodaiji Temple
Temple founded by widow of a great general in the 16th century, its walking garden is an exceptional piece of landscape architecture, featuring large stones and trees placed on a hilly landscape among elegant temple buildings, tea houses, and a bamboo grove.

Yasaka Shrine
Long connected with the Kyoto Geisha community centered in the nearby Gion District, Yasaka-jinja Shrine is a bustling, colorful and pleasant downtown shrine that lies at the heart of much of Kyoto’s festive tradition.

Gion District
Gion is one of the famous entertainment and geisha quarters, with traditional restaurants and tea-houses.

Tour ends at Gion District.

This tour can be taken together with Nara Morning Tour.