5 Nights/6 Days Shikoku Tour

5 Nights/6 Days Shikoku Tour


This tour offers travelers a six-day journey of exploration across each of the four prefectures of Shikoku. With the convenience of a private car, guests will be able to experience so much of what this place we call Shikoku can offer.

From the calm azure waters of the Setō Inland Sea, to the seemingly endless natural beauty of the Iya Valley there is something to uncover: the graceful aesthetic of classical gardens, regional cuisine with deep ties to local communities, the relaxing waters of an ancient onsen, and the sprawling view from atop castles that have withstood the test of time, there always seems to be something to discover while here on Shikoku.


  • Arrive at Takamatsu Station, meet driver and guide
  • Proceed to Hotel, Hotel Rhiga
  • Free time in Takamatsu City
  • After breakfast at the hotel, meet guide and driver and depart for Konpira Shrine
  • Walk to Konpira Shrine overlooking the countryside and explore the bustling markets and stalls of the shrine district, lunch will be taken at a local restaurant/café
  • Depart for Ritsurin Garden
  • Guided tour of Ritsurin Garden, a traditional style garden with over 400 years of history
  • Depart for Hotel Iya Onsen
  • Free time to enjoy the iconic hot-spring and dinner-course at hotel highlight the tastes of the region
  • After breakfast, meet guide and driver
  • A day exploring the iconic sights of the region, Biwa-no-Take Falls, Iya Vine Bridges, and the Statue of the Peeing Boy
  • Transfer to Kōchi City and hotel check-in, Kōchi Sansuien, dinner-course at hotel showcasing Kōchi’s rich cuisine
  • After breakfast, meet the guide and driver and depart towards Chikurinji temple #31 of the Shikoku Pilgrimage
  • At Chikurinji you will have a guided tour of the temple-grounds with the Temple Monk of the Temple as well a chance to copy sūtras or try some meditation
  • Transfer to Kōchi Castle and guided tour
  • Lunch at the iconic Hirome Market
  • Depart for the scenic Nakatsu Gorge
  • After a tour of the Nakatsu Gorge depar for Yusuhara Town and hotel-check in, Kumo-no-Ue
  • Dinner will be taken at a local restaurant
  • After breakfast meet with guide to enjoy a morning stroll through Yusuhara Town
  • Depart for Uchiko Town
  • A day walking tour of Uchiko Town which includes the sprawling historic district, candle-museum, merchant manors, and the Kōshōji Temple Complex, lunch will be taken at a local restaurant/café
  • Depart for Matsuyama City and hotel check-in, ANA Crown Matsuyama, dinner will be taken at a local restaurant
  •  After breakfast meet with guide and driver
  •  Depart for Matsuyama Castle, a massive complex that towers over the city
  •  Depart for the Dōgo Onsen
  •  Enjoy exploring this historic district and enjoy the hot-spring, lunch will be taken at a local restaurant/café
  •  Depart for Takamatsu Station and end of tour

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